Thursday, 14 August 2008

Head full

of thoughts.....
Cut backs on my staff at work for a start, we have redundancies in the pipeline which is terrible news for all concerned. Big business at its best, buy a small firm with a fantastic team and good morale, squeeze them dry, make them work their socks off, make a few redundant, destroy said morale, and tell the rest that if business doesn't improve (ie we don't start making a bigger profit) we may face closure! Morale now non-existent. I have to get out!!! This is the way things are and there is nothing I can do about it.
I wish i could take the leap and do 'sooziebee' full-time but there is just no way I would be able to pay the bills. I really admire these people who do take the plunge, a very courageous and brave thing to do, but not practical for me at the moment. I still feel like I am finding my style, my thing, if you know what I mean, I feel like I'm jumping from one thing to another with no real focus, apart from wanting to make and design something I can either license or sell.
I started this sketch when I was taking 'the phone call' about the job situation, and I think it reflects all the things crammed into my grey matter at the moment, too many thoughts and not enough space!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a description of my life about 2 years ago - exactly the same situation and VERY stressful, so sending lots of wishes for calmness and smiliness your way.

Jesse said...

This sounds very stressful and tiring, but I hope things get better... That said, I do like your drawing!

Karen Faulkner said... is too bad we creative people have to deal with stuff from the real world to pay the bills! Maybe a good time to divert your frustrations into your artwork.