Tuesday, 12 August 2008

New cards

I have been off work this week, not feeling too good with upper respiratory bunged-up-ness and generally feeling like all i wanna do is sleep. I did go back to bed today after watching a bit of the Olympics on BBC. Sleep evaded me though and I ended up back downstairs in front of the TV watching Trishia. Give me strength, day time TV sucks!!
Here are some cards i did a few days ago, working on my backgrounds i developed a few weeks ago with lino printing on top. I am hoping to take these a step further when I am feeling a bit more up for it, so i will have more to post later in the week, i hope. I still have to unwrap my new printer and try it out so soon I plan to be doing a bit of a print run so i actually feel like i am creating something to take to market.


Poirier Family said...

I love your work. I only wish I could find something to creat. I love doing crafts, and scrapbooking but nothing good enought to sell. I would love to work out of my home.

Gillian said...

Daytime TV - apart from the Olypmpics - will just drag you down. It's mind-numbing, isn't it.

Your new cards are beautiful. I like the lift that the collage backgrounds give your designs. Looking good.

Get well soon. x