Friday, 8 August 2008

Photoshop for beginners

Finally dragged myself out of my bad mood, and got off my arse and moved my printer and scanner up to the studio and finally got it to speak to the new lap top. PIcture the scene, i put the disk in thinking it would work staright away, but no, a message flashes up. Huston we have a problem.... compatability issues... What the .... What do I do? oh yes ring the helpline number which i have been paying for for the last nine months and have never used.... note to self cancel direct debit..). So I have done some playing around with scanning and cutting and pasting (am a complete novice so I am pleased I managed to do something that looks like a picture!!) Ha, there is hope for me yet. Ok, I'm knocking off for the day, have a good weekend x

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