Sunday, 10 August 2008


Does this ring any bells and bring back any fond 'Saturday-mornings-in-your-pyjamas' memories for anyone?

I have been thinking about suggesting a 'swap-shop' kind of thing on my blog for a while and I saw this on a blog I have just discovered today Plush Patterns from London UK, who says

"basically what happens is you make a package of beautiful crafty bits spending max £10, some of your own work and swap them with another blogger that you like. It's so exciting to recieve a package in the post with and I actually really enjoyed getting together the package".

If anyone is interested please leave a comment and lets get swapping .....
Sniff sniff, still full of cold, have had a very lazy weekend and not feling any better for all the rest, boo!

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plush patterns said...

Hi Soozibee,
Thanks so much for the lovely comments - I'm really chuffed you are up for a swap. They are so much fun. I'm away from next week so I'm up for doing a quick swap this week if you fancy ? Otherwise can we wait til mid. sept ? Great blog by the way !

Vicky x