Sunday, 21 September 2008


Blimey, I haven't done ANY work this week on my designs and my head is bursting with ideas. I have been so busy with MEGA day job stresses and also with nice things like spending time with my family. Hence, not enough time for patterns and sketch books. But, while I was up on the farm spending a few days with my parents my dad was kind enough to chop me a big pile of wood that he had hanging about. It is now stacked neatly (although a bit precariously) at the side of my studio, ready for when the stove is connected up to its chimney. So here is a log-pile inspired doodle done this afternoon in the sunshine!! Sorry nothing more exciting to show you at the mo!!!


Jesse said...

Those logs have potential for a great pattern!

littlemithi said...

Love the doodle - the simplest things are the best - and I agree with Jesse, definite potential for a great pattern!