Friday, 31 October 2008


Look at these colours. Even though I have been back from my jollies for nearly two weeks, I can' stop thinking abou the New England fall, it just seems so bright and colourful. I haven't done ANY work today but am hoping to get some heat in the studio this week and start making for Christmas fairs very soon. Motivated I AM!!

Thursday, 30 October 2008


By the lovely Karen Faulkner who is the lady behind one of my fave blogs. SO now I have to share 7 random things about myself: Ok, here goes....

1.I hate diets, the mere mention of one makes me want to go and stuff my face full of food!!

2. I once did a tandem sky-dive, from 12000 feet in New Zealand, (and I'm scared of heights, so that was a big brave thing for me.)

3. I love scarves, and am thinking I may need new storage for my ever increasing collection.

4. I'm the oldest of four sisters and grew up on a farm.

5. I live by the motto, happiness isn't about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have, and I always try to look on the bright side of life (ha, cue for a song....)

6. I want to hibernate in the winter, gather my food supplies for the cold months, and just stay at home, reading books, sketching, drinking tea and eating cake!!

7. I think Daniel Craig is the sexiest James Bond EVER!!

There we go, it wasn't that difficult. I'm not sure who to tag, ok lets have a think


Thats it for now, know it was meant to be seven peeps but it has been a long day...

Rockport houses

New work, on my series of houses I sketched on holiday. Rockport village is where we stayed for our last two nights on the coast before we headed back to Boston. The harbour was so pretty, all of the houses were different shapes, sizes and colours, it was really inspirational just to sit and sketch for the day. Don't know what I'm gonna do with these little fellas yet, they need aome colour definitely, maybe a bit of collage or print perhaps??? (um, braing ticking over with possibilities). It has been lovely just sat in the studio (even though its a bit on the cold side!), I have my little leccy heater to keep me warm. Underfloor heating gets connectd up next week and the stove soon after that I hope. Oh bliss!!
Ok, am off down to the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop to take in my wares, the big opening is next Thursday.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Blog and Etsy shop of the week: Wren design

New blog and Etsy shop I just have to tell you all about, partly because I am a 'bag' fiend and also because I appreciate good quality and design. WrenDesign is a blog run by the lovely Wendren Milford surface designer (aka textile designer or graphic artist) from Cape Town, South Africa. She has a fab Etsy shop which you can see here showcasing her beautiful handmade wares, which include some amazing bags (some of which are made from vintage coffee sacks and beautiful fabrics) and also some very cute and handy bird pouches made from re-purposed wren fabrics. Her ethos of sustainability is admirable in this throw away world we live in, so go check out her lovely blog and Etsy shop and treat yourself to some great Wren goodies. Plus she also writes some great articles on her blog, all about design, motivation, treating yourself etc, its a good read. Thanks Wendren for your lovely blog and shop.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Craft Mafia is go....

Another wee autumnal picture from my hols, which seem like so long ago. Lovin these colours!

Ok, some good news today, I have heard today that I have been accepted as a member of the Nottingham Craft Mafia which is great news for 'sooziebee'. It seems like lots of exciting things are in the pipeline, such as the new shop opening on 6th November, as well as a launch party and Xmas Market, which I can't wait to get involved in. It seems I have a busy week ahead sorting out some stock for the NCM shop and also planning my time between now and the Xmas Market. I didn't think I would be doing any fairs this year, but with something new like this, you can't not!!

So whilst reading one of my fave blogs I came across a post that struck a chord with me. Tis all about time tables, and them not just being for school revision. It seems I'm going to have to get my butt into gear and make myself a time table, (to stick to), as there are only about 6 weeks to go between now and the Craft Mafia Xmas Market. I had better get making this week, as stock levels need replenishing.

Oooh, exciting time...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Boston architecture, and a bit of a ramble!

Hey there peeps, not a lot to post on today. Had a pleasantly uneventful day at work and rushed home to yummy spaghetti for tea, in the dark, (not tea in the dark, that would be silly esp with spag!!). No, it was my first night driving home in the pitch black. The clocks went back at the weekend (which meant we got an extra hour in bed on Sat night, but also means that it now feels like winter). I kind of like dark nights up until Christmas time, I'm sure my body goes into hibernate mode, where I just want to snuggle up in front of the fire on an evening, and eat chocolate, but this year, I'm determined not to put on my winter insulation (usually about half a stone!!) and I'm starting with my running again, and swimming too.
Anyway, I digress! I thought I would post some of my pics from Boston. There were some stunning buildings, and lots to see. Here are a few. I'm mulling over ideas for new work, in my typical indecisive Libran way, which means I may have made a decision on what to do next, in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I get inspiration overload, which can sometimes be a bad, and productive, for me as no inspiration at all.... I'm not complaining though, just wondering what I'm gonna do this week in the studio!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Our very own Pumpkin

Its a bit blurry but here is our pumpkin, carved this morning by Steve. He's going outside tomorrow in time for Halloween.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Christmas Cards

Look at me, being all organised and ordering some Christmas cards already... I found this beautiful set of cards from Designrocks via Print Pattern yesterday and decided that they are just too nice, I had to buy them.

So then I thought to myself, this year I'm going to avoid the High Street as much as I can (my own little stand against the big companies making tonnes of cash out of the Christmas season) and I'm going to buy all of my cards from indie designers and crafters. So I went onto Etsy and look what I have found. InkDropDesign has a wonderful Etsy shop, crammed with lots of gorgeous packs of cards, not just for Christmas. See below some of my faves, which I think I will be buying to send out to my nearest and dearest. There is also an InkDrop blog which you can read here. Feast your eyes.....

Friday, 24 October 2008

Nottingham Craft Mafia

Its very exciting, Nottingham is getting its very own Craft Mafia, and it has it's very own website, see here which has just been set up. I was invited to a meet and greet in town last night, and even though I'm not usually in love with the idea of going to meet a load of people i have never met before, (and was nearly not going, it was cold, dark and windy... yes I was making excuses!!), I'm soo pleased that I did. I found out a little bit more about the whole organisation and filled in my application form to join. Fingers crossed I will be accepted. There will be a shop located just off Market Square in town, run on a volunteer basis, which sounds great.

Nottingham Craft Mafia is following in the footsteps of the original Craft Mafia founded in Austin, Texas, and I was honoured to be invited along. And I met one of my blog readers, Gillian from Gilflings Designs which was lovely as we have been following each others blogs for a while so felt like we had a lot in common. Also I met Sharon, Helen, (whose jewellery I featured a while ago on here, Alys, Moira, Sue and many more, PlumPudding, (whose name I can't remember, apologies, I think ym brain had reached overload by then!) who makes beautiful childrens toys (so soft and cuddly), Claire from Pinky and Boo, makes beautiful textiles, such as aprons (which I def want!!). She has a blog here where you can access the Pinky and Boo Etsy shop. Take a look...
It was a lovely evening, great to meet like-minded crafty peeps in the area, find out about craft fairs etc, in the run up to Santa, I look forward to meeting those I didn't last night, and seeing the folks I did meet, again.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Random rock post!

Who goes on their holidays and takes photos of rocks? Well, I did, 'cos I just thought
the colours were so unusual. They say that the best colour combos occur in nature, I would have to agree. Who'd have thought you would get all of these colours on a rock???

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


When we were away in New England we stayed at a gorgeous little place on the Pemaquid Peninsula, called New Harbour. It was right on the waters edge of a busy little lobster harbour, which was a hive of activity from sunrise to sunset, with boats going in and out to sea to catch lobster. Our guesthouse had a jetty where we used to go to sketch (me) and fish (not me!), and we got up early one morning to watch the sunrise. It was breathtakingly beautiful and some of my snaps have captured the colours (that I hope to use in some work soon). There is something really magical about sunrise, like you never want it to end.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


One of my fave holiday snaps, there was a big pumpkin display on the steps of the town hall in Stowe in Vermont, and I just had to take this picture. I think the fact that some of them are starting to degrade makes them look even scarier!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Holiday sketches

Just to share with you few of my holiday sketches. I didn't get as much time to sketch as I would have liked because we were just too busy seeing the sights and going walking and out for yummy meals. There were a couple of days where we just chilled and I sketched and Steve fished. Two of my fave places for chilled-ness were Rockport and the Pemaquid Peninsula, where the sights were just so right for getting out the sketchbook.
I can't believe we are back now, and I'm back to work tomorrow, feeling a lot more equipped to deal with things. Roll on next week when I'll be back in the studio, raring to go with my holiday ideas....

Sunday, 19 October 2008


Hi there me old chums, I'm back in blogland, seems like I have been gone for way toooo long and I have missed all of your blogs and comments. As well as having a bit of thinking time about life away from the laptop and the direction of sooziebee, we also went on a wee holiday to New York and New England for two and have had the most amazing time.
I will post a bit more about our travels later in the week, when the jet lag has worn off, but it has been a fantastic experience, seeing the sights, meeting so many lovely friendly people, and recharging the old batteries. I'm ready for some new work have had lots of ideas and inspiration, what with skyscrapers and architecture galore, amazing galleries full of fantastic talent, and then the wonderful colours of the New England fall. We've eaten freshly caught lobster, tried an amazing array of cocktails, (which I have developed a serious 'taste' for), hiked up mountains (well, ok one!!) and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic, and it's been so lovely to just spend some quality 'couple-time' with Mr Sooziebee.
But I must say, before I go and mix a big cocktail for myself and eat a bacon sarnie, that coming home is one of the best bits of going away.......
Bye for now