Monday, 27 October 2008

Boston architecture, and a bit of a ramble!

Hey there peeps, not a lot to post on today. Had a pleasantly uneventful day at work and rushed home to yummy spaghetti for tea, in the dark, (not tea in the dark, that would be silly esp with spag!!). No, it was my first night driving home in the pitch black. The clocks went back at the weekend (which meant we got an extra hour in bed on Sat night, but also means that it now feels like winter). I kind of like dark nights up until Christmas time, I'm sure my body goes into hibernate mode, where I just want to snuggle up in front of the fire on an evening, and eat chocolate, but this year, I'm determined not to put on my winter insulation (usually about half a stone!!) and I'm starting with my running again, and swimming too.
Anyway, I digress! I thought I would post some of my pics from Boston. There were some stunning buildings, and lots to see. Here are a few. I'm mulling over ideas for new work, in my typical indecisive Libran way, which means I may have made a decision on what to do next, in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I get inspiration overload, which can sometimes be a bad, and productive, for me as no inspiration at all.... I'm not complaining though, just wondering what I'm gonna do this week in the studio!!

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