Sunday, 19 October 2008


Hi there me old chums, I'm back in blogland, seems like I have been gone for way toooo long and I have missed all of your blogs and comments. As well as having a bit of thinking time about life away from the laptop and the direction of sooziebee, we also went on a wee holiday to New York and New England for two and have had the most amazing time.
I will post a bit more about our travels later in the week, when the jet lag has worn off, but it has been a fantastic experience, seeing the sights, meeting so many lovely friendly people, and recharging the old batteries. I'm ready for some new work have had lots of ideas and inspiration, what with skyscrapers and architecture galore, amazing galleries full of fantastic talent, and then the wonderful colours of the New England fall. We've eaten freshly caught lobster, tried an amazing array of cocktails, (which I have developed a serious 'taste' for), hiked up mountains (well, ok one!!) and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic, and it's been so lovely to just spend some quality 'couple-time' with Mr Sooziebee.
But I must say, before I go and mix a big cocktail for myself and eat a bacon sarnie, that coming home is one of the best bits of going away.......
Bye for now

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Karen Faulkner said...

Nothing like New England in the Autumn...glad to have you back and looking forward to hearing about your adventures!