Friday, 14 November 2008

Crappy week rant

Yes, its been a crappy old week, with the puss-cat and all, I had loads of other minor things to moan about which I have now deleted, as I'm sitting watching Childen In Need on the good ole BBC, and realise how pathetic I was being....
Above are two designs for new range I'm working on, the rest of the 'range' isn't worth talking, what a crock! Never mind though, I'm about to eat Fish and Chips for tea (which is a bit of a treat, got a real craving on the drive home from work and sent psychic vibes to hubby). Yum!! Life isn't really that bad, just ignore me, I'll snap out of it!


Natasha said...

Yummy fish and chips! I really like the nail varnish bottles. - It also reminds me I haven't done my nails in quite a while!

I used normal fabric screenprinting ink for the thermofax screen. I use either Speedball or Dekaprint.

Karen Faulkner said...

I just had a birthday pedicure with my friends last night, so this is very timely! Love the pretty colors.