Thursday, 6 November 2008

Houses and more importantly... new boots!!

Okay before I bore you with the details of my day I have to tell you about my find of the year. I have been looking for a pair of boots for AGES, not just any boot, they had to be flat, of a certain stylee, and crepe soles (I saw a lady with some on quite a while ago, and thought 'wow, they are the perfect boots' but wasn't brave enough to wrestle her to the ground and steal said boots, or even just ask her where she got them from). I have searched high and low, even looked for them in the States on holiday, no joy. Until today when I ventured onto the Clarks Originals website, (great website, and lovely shoes too). And as I was scrolling through shoe heaven, there they were.... my dream boots, to go with the new trendy image i will someday invent!! I am soo excited (I know, over a pair of boots, how sad, but i just had to throw my suedey faves out as I have worn a hole in them).

Anyway, enough boot talk..... the houses in my little series are coming along well, and I have been working on them today dans la studio.

And even tried lino cut, which looks ok, well a bit crap really, it was rushed cos I was getting a numb bum and had to take the cat to the vet. Enough of that, am off to make the tea, and go to new yoga class (and try not to think of new boots). Will post tomorrow after my stint in the Craft Mafia shop.


Jesse said...

Very nice boots...
I like the linocut!

Jo Bradford said...

love those new shoooz, soooz xx