Sunday, 9 November 2008

It's warm under foot!

In the studio.... under floor heating is the way to go! Haven't any pics to post as you can't really photograph warmth.... or can you?? I didn't anyway.

Needless to say, I have spent a glorious afternoon up in the studio. We are having an officially lazy weekend. I was sketching (on some new work to be revealed soon, but had to go and buy a new sketchbook for the occasion of new project) and Steve was reading/snoring on the sofa-bed, Jack (our dog) was asleep on the roasty-toasty floor. We were at peace with the world...

But one thing I need to ask you, how many of you have to have a new sketchbook for new projects? Is it just me? I just feel the need to have fresh new pages for fresh new thoughts and ideas, I have loads of half-full sketch pads, (which will be full one day, I like to keep going back to them and adding things as and when). It just totally seems wrong to fill my holiday book (latest green sqaure skethcbook, half-full of stuff )with new girly ideas for my latest 'girly' project..... am I just weird? I know there are some of you who will agree, please someone say I'm not!

Anyway, just to keep in the vein of 'spendaholic' which I seem to have unusually morphed into this week (the boots, another new stapler gun, a fleece for winter-hibernation-mode, coloured tights to go with boots and fleece etc etc) I didn't just buy one sketchbook, I bought 3! Yes three, they were on special offer......honest... I couldn't resist..... bugger the credit crunch!!


Jeanette said...

Oh yes, I need a new sketchbook for every new project too! I have tried to fill a sketchbook before buying another,but it just feels wrong,and clutters up my brain.
Like you, I do go back to half filled sketchbboks and continue in the same theme,sometimes months later.So no, you are not weird...unless I am too!

Karen Faulkner said...

I don't sketch as much as you do, but I do that sketchbook thing too. I have four partially filled ones going right now. One is a watercolor sketchbook, two are spiral ones with regular drawing paper, and one is a moleskine for advertising with storyboard frames. In fact, my brother just asked me for gift ideas and what am I going to tell him? One of the Barnes & Noble Savannah College of Art sketchbooks!