Thursday, 27 November 2008

Stitching away

Today I have been a good girl and have spent my time in the studio wisely, ie. I have actually made something rather than sitting thinking about it. I have stitched some canvasses, five in fact, and if my staple gun ever arrives back from the awful company I ordered it from, well firstly I will be amazed, (as I have tried emailing them about 10 times to find out where my package is and have had no reply), and secondly I will actually be able to get some canvasses finished. Grrr, I'm getting really p***ed off with them now! Things like this get me soooo mad, I knew I should have just gone to the shop to buy one. But doing things online, I thought I would save myself a trip out in the car, and my new staple gun and staples that fit would be delivered straight to the door.

Anyway, back to work. Looking forward to a relaxing yoga class tonight.

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littlemithi said...

Hey there Soozie! Thanks for the message over at my blog. Haven't been here in a while (haven't been anywhere matter of fact in the last couple of months - so bogged down with life...). Great to see all that you've been up to. Love the stitch stuff. I found it too hard! Maybe one day I'll get back on the machine :)