Friday, 28 November 2008


Some pics from the sketchbook to show you, while developing some background flowers for my girly stuff range (i always seem to get back to flowers!), but I enjoyed doing them! We have a real cold snap over here in the UK, freezing fog and ice, very wintry, but it was lovely and warm in the studio yesterday. Been at work though today, which was warm, but I'd rather have been in the studio.
It has been Thanksgiving in the States this week (Happy Thanksgiving to those over the pond!)and I was listening to an interview on the radio yesterday about Thanksgiving. It really hit home that we should all be thankful for the all the good things we have in life and having an 'attitude for gratitude', even if there are some things we aren't happy with, there are still lots of things we should say 'Thankyou' for. You never know, I think I may be tempted to celebrate thanksgiving myself next year. And as well as the sentiment and tradition behind it, it sounds like there is lots of good food involved too (even more reason!!).
Thanks for reading my humble little blog and sharing your comments, and also thanks for providing me with some funny, and inspiring blogs to read too xx


Karen Faulkner said...

I highly recommend celebrating Thanksgiving. It's focused solely on being thankful, and enjoying food and family without the distraction of gift giving (and just happens to coincide with the release of French Beaujolais Nouveau to our wine stores here). Usually there is some football viewing thrown in for good measure.

I always enjoy reading your blog and I love your latest sketches!

{evy} said...

great sketches,looking forward to seeing how they show up in your work!