Sunday, 7 December 2008

End of a fab weekend...

I hope everyone has had as good a weekend as I have, spent lots of time with my family, and just had a lovely, lovely time. Saw Dad on his birthday and he liked his card (thought it was a professionally done one, which was quite a compliment!). I got my beautiful birthday pressies from my sister, a gorgeous antique wooden carrying box, which will hold all of my art stuff, magazine subscription and a very glittery sparkly sketchbook (which looks too nice to use!), lucky old me eh? I love going back up North, but I just feel so homesick when I come back to our little cottage in Notts. You would think that after 15 years of living away I wouldn't still feel homesick, but there you go, I'm just a big sentimental softie. Hopefully one day soon I will live nearer to my family..... sigh! My mam wasn't well this weekend, which was a huge shame as we didn't get to spend much time with my parents, that just made me want to stay even more!
On the drve back down we stopped off at an amazing gallery fifiefofum which is set on the north side of the Tyne Valley in amazingly beautiful surroundings. There was such a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, and some fab art, ceramics and jewellery to look at. We met local artist Sue Moffitt (who I think owns the gallery), and it was great to see her at work and have a chat and cup of coffee. I you are ever passing through, the gallery isn't far from the A69, and is well worth a stop-off.

Since we got back home this afternoon we have been busy, busy busy. We put our Christmas tree up, and lots of fairy lights, Steve made some Xmas cakes and I also finished (AT LAST!!!) some of my canvasses, courtesy of my sis, little-hb, who has loaned me her staple-gun. I am obviously not meant to own one, after all the things that have gone wrong with mine, so have borrowed hers instead. And it works just fine! And I managed not to injure anyone/thing in the process. See finished results above!! Yey!

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Karen Faulkner said...

I would say the birthday card WAS a professionally done one!
And the canvas is fabulous!