Friday, 19 December 2008

Gone all textiley

Well, finally I have spent some time in the studio. I have been busy making a stew for my friends from work, who are all coming over to mine tonight, and while that was cooking away in the oven I went up to the studio to dig out some of my college work. I was feeling like I needed a bit of a change of direction and fancied getting the sewing machine out for a bit of stitching. ABove are the Christmas canvasses I have finally completed, they will all be getting wrapped up and given for Xmas. I'm pleased with them.

Below, are the results of a college project I did a couple of years ago. They were all based on my garden, as inspiration, and used a variety of new techniques I hadn't tried before.

Fabric paint and beading, and handstitching for this one above and below, couching, which is where you use a variety of fibres and fix them onto a fabric backing, embellishing them with a few sparklies if the fancy takes you.

This one above, was a bit of an experiment with Tyvek, a weird material that goes all warped when heated. It was overlaid onto voile and that was overlaid onto a painted background, using the same signature colours from the first piece. Also beaded and stitched to give it a bit more interest. Below is my fave, I think because it is softer and more tactile, this was based on a knitted background of different wools and fibres, stitched onto with buttons and ribbons etc.

So thats my project. I had to go and have a look at them as its nice tor efresh the memory and get some ideas for new work. While I was at it, I revamped one of my mood boards in the studio, and thought it looked so nice that I thought I would share it with you!! Backing paper, courtesy of IKEA.

ANd while all this activity was going on, Jack grabbed the best seat in the house (yes, I know, the new sofa-bed, which he was never going to be allowed on). Usually when he is with me in the studio, he is really restless and won't chill out, I now know why, it's because the floor is too hard and he is too spoiled! He seemes quite happy to while away the afternoon, listening to radio2, and didn't move at all.

And I was busy, beavering away at my sewing machine, trying out a new idea that I've had in my head for a while. This is how it started...... I know it looks crap, but bear with me, I HOPE it will end up looking a lot better....

And this is how it's progressing, its a landscape of sorts, which will eventually be cropped and mounted in a thin strip (quite abstract for me) onto a backing canvas. There is a long way to go with it, but I will post end results when done, if I'm happy with it.


Karen Faulkner said...

Cool textily stuff! I can't sew to my mom's dismay. My dog is not supposed to, but he naps on the couch too. Now that he's in his senior years I've gotten a lot more lax about it. He loves when the kids leave for school and the house is quiet. He often scouts out one of their stuffed animals for extra comfort!

littlemithi said...

Wow! Am loving the abstract landscapes and experimenting!

Hotter Than... said...

I love this textiley stuff. It's really inspired me with my latest college projects!!

I think I agree with you, the picture of your "favourite" piece is great and I'm sure the piece is even better in reality. The couours and textures just sing together.

Gillian said...

Great textures - very appealing.

Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas.Hope to be blogging again soon.
Gillian. xxx