Thursday, 4 December 2008

New home

Available in my Etsy shop now.........

Does anyone know anyone who is moving house?? Ha, I know that's a bit of a joke in the current economic climate, but I have been playing with ideas this morning and have come up with this from my house series from my jollies. Probably not the most commercially successful idea I have ever had... but I'm sure one day it might come in useful!!

Ok, off to design my dads birthday card!!


Natasha said...

Unfortunately my uncle's house sale fell through at the last moment. Grrr. I really think people should put deposits down on houses when they say they are going to buy. That would stop them wasting everybody's time and money. (rant over)

I love the card though. If we move I will definitely buy those!

Karen Faulkner said...

Maybe some folks will be downsizing into smaller new homes? i like the card!