Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ear, ear!!

Hraah, the tablets have finally started working, and my ear seems to be on the mend. Have been feeling proper sorry for myself the past few days but the new tablets the Dr gave me today have done the trick, and I'm feeling tonnes better. Don't want ear ache again anytime soon though!

So, the good news is.......... London is still on! The Spa unfortunately isn't (these things turn out for the best in the end, I didn't really want to go swimming and get lots of chlorine in the old ear!) but we can still have fun, after all there is plenty to do and see in the Big Smoke!
So my bag is packed, very last minute I may add, and tomorrow I'm off to the Victoria and Albert Museum, armed with my trendy Angie Lewin sketchbook, and the gorgeous one I bought on holiday (yes, I'm fianlly going to use them and not just look at them) to look at all the beautiful jewellery, shoes and bags, and do some research for my next set of cards and patterns. And, BIG BONUS, I get to spend three whole days with my sister, who I don't see that often as she lives in Italy. As we aren't going to the Spa, we have shortlisted some arts and crafts markets to go and browse, a West End show (The Sound of Music) and Camden Market on Saturday. Will be doing a nice juicy post when I return. V excited!!

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