Monday, 12 January 2009

Folksy and Etsy

Just uploaded to my Etsy shop this evening in a larger format than normal (about 8 x 10 inches in all) and available for you to buy now.
Also while I am on the topic of self-promotion, I have opened a Folksy shop which you can find here Its a little empty at the moment, I only have three items in there and I am trying to spend more time on both shops. Folksy is beta-phase at the moment and should be going all the way in Feb 09. It's like a UK version of Etsy and seems to be taking off. There are some beautiful shops on there selling all things handmade. Watch those pennies, you will want to spend, spend, spend! Watch this space for more news soon.........

1 comment:

Jesse said...

That's worked beautifully. Your Etsy mini looks lovely, with all the hearts!