Sunday, 25 January 2009

life/pattern philosophy

There were some amazing ideas and inspiration for sooziebee down at the Victoria and Albert Museum this weekend. I was particularly interested in looking at the jewellery exhibits (where I did lots of sketching, will post pics later in the week. As an aside, does anyone else get really self-conscious when they sketch in public places???). As well as the jewels, there were patterns galore with the amazing exhibits from different countries around the world. I got some great ideas for developing my patterns and new ideas for shapes and colours, and also a better insight into different ways patterns can fit together.......which got me all philosophical and thinking about how things fit together in your life, the patterns you like, the ones you don't like and also where the gaps are and what you want to fill them with! I love spending time with my sisters, its precious, and too infrequent for my liking, maybe I need to alter my pattern a little......


peasandneedles said...

thank you for your kind comment on weheartjam...we are also looking forward to what we produce. more coming soon fingers crossed.
thanks again for the interest, keep looking for more updates.
much love

Jeanette said...

Yes, I get self conscious when sketching in public too..not that I get much of an opportunity these days though.
I remember a tutor at college suggesting if you get self concious to make sure your back is against a wall/corner or similar so that no one can creep up behind you and start giving their opinion.
Not always possible,but not a bad idea either.