Thursday, 29 January 2009

Sales buzz

Here are a few of my scribblings from last week at the Victoria and Albert Museum (I can't believe that was a week ago). Sorry nothing more exciting to post picture-wise! But I have some good news to report re: sales.
I was doing a shift today at the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop, and was thinking about Etsy and my shop sales, and sales at the Craft Mafia shop etc etc etc and pondering how to go about getting more. I had a chat with my sister about which direction to concentrate on this year. Do I concentrate on selling to the public or try to go down a more commercial route selling designs to companies??? Whilst in the middle of my thinking about how I'm not getting the sales I want, and why, and do people just not like my stuff, I then had the next two customers thru the door buy some of my cards!!! Mini-cheer to self, and doubts banished!!! (for now!!)

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