Friday, 9 January 2009

Snappety snap

Thats me with my camera! Have been photgraphing some of my work, the ones below are the up close ones of the Cold Landscape piece as the picture i posted yesterday wasn't very good, the light at the moment is crap, it hardly ever seems to get light.

This is starting to grow on me now and I'm starting to like it a bit more, to begin with I just thought it looked like something a five year old could do!!
Today has been really productive, partly because I sat down last night before I went to bed and made a list, which was REALLY useful to put in order the odds and ends jobs I had to finish off. I can't be doing with disordered chaos in my head! One of the jobs on the list was to print out and tweak the Valentine cards designs I have had for ages and here they are..... you may have seen the designs before but now they are real cards.

Second job on the list, was to finish off my foxgloves cards, again which I had done the designs for ages ago, here they are too. Will be posting these on Etsy later along with Valentine cards.

So thats all for now, I'm pleased with what I've done today, but am looking forward to sketching again. I'm off to London in a couple of weeks with my sister and have a full day to myself for research and visiting places. I'm thinking the Victoria and Albert Museum. ANyone know any good exhibitons on at the moment??

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Karen Faulkner said...

Very productive! I especially like the bottom Valentine and the bottom Foxglove designs.