Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Green Clover Forever

I am starting to list my original watercolours that I have been using for my recent card designs, as suggested to me recently by Karen Faulkner (if I have half as much success as she does I'll be well-chuffed!!). So here goes the second one, Green Clover Forever, which was one of three or four I painted a few weeks ago. I think it looks fab in a frame (the one in the picture is an IKEA Ribba frame, which I just love, we have them all over our house in varying shapes and sizes!). But I'm selling all originals unframed and then 'if' anyone buys one they can pick their own.
I've had a really great day at work today, it was a good old belly-laugh kind of day, which has made me think what a lot of good a change of scenery does for you, and how being away from your normal day to day stuff makes you appreciate those around you that you are lucky enough to share your days with.


Karen Faulkner said...

It looks great! I like square format art. Hopefully there will be some St. Patrick's Day treasuries soon, this would be perfect.

Karen Faulkner said...

p.s. re: your comment on my blog, do you have "shamrock" and "st. patricks" in your tags? no charge for the tip ;)
(yes I also do work as a marketing consultant, for real!)

sooziebee said...

durr, didn't even think of shamrock. must get better at this!!!