Monday, 16 February 2009


No, not pre-menstrual angst, but positive mental attitude. We have just come back from a lovely long weekend away with some of my lovely friends from University, and I am all chilled out and ready for another week. We stayed in a gorgeous barn conversion near Ludlow, one of the foodie capitals of the west, and I must say we had an amazing time, great company, great food and plenty of gossip. It's great to catch up with people you don't see often and realise that you all get on as well as ever. True friends!! I just hope the person who empties the 'glass' recycling bin doesn't do themselves any damage whilst trying to dispose of our empties!!

While I was away I had the good fortune to meet an ex-greetings card publisher who was good enough to take a peek at my portfolio and give me some well-needed feedback and also some useful info and advice about the 'business', and how to go about starting up, getting supplies etc etc. Very useful indeedy. I have lots of food for thought, and hope to be coming up with a little plan soon, about my work and the direction I would like to take it. Plenty to ponder.....

And I have also posted a couple of new designs in my Etsy Shop (and I made a sale over the weekend too.... yey!!)

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KtShortcake said...

I love it when you meet new people that have a purpose, it's like they're sent to you to help! It's great! Loving the cupcakes!