Thursday, 12 February 2009

Smiling now

Ah, thanks peeps, you have cheered me up! It's great to get words of encouragement from you all. I'm pleased to hear you are liking the cakes! I have been in the studio this morning, trying out different techniques, and seeing which looks best. What do you think?? As usual, when faced with a decision, I can't make up my mind! I think I like the stitch effect with the collage, (I really need to sort thru all my huge box of paper, but I think if I start that today I won't get anything else done!). I also like the idea of making the black outline a softer colour (see the bottom three here), it just looks a bit more subtle, but then again, I also like the three cakes above the bottom ones , where I have used water-colour effects as the 'fill' colour for the cakes.
Hmmmm, well, at least I can't say I haven't achieved anthing today. Better mood plus 9am run had definitely got my day off to a flying start.

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