Friday, 27 March 2009

Clear out

No pictures but a bit of philosophy....... had a big clearout today of my wardrobe and my house (initiated by some decorating, which makes you want to make everything bright and shiny and new), which i have been meaning to do for ages. I have had things in my wardrobe i haven't worn for a long, long time. Today I went thru them all and packed them all into three big bags and took them all to a charity shop doing my bit for recycling and all. And usually I would umm and ahh and end up putting 90% of my clearout back where it came from, but today I was in the zone and bagged it all up and took it all away, straight away.

I came home feeling like I had disposed of a lot of unwanted baggage and felt a lot better for doing it. It's amazing how we hang on to a load of old crap that we don't need, and how it makes us feel a lot better to just get rid of it all.

So this week I will be carrying that thought into a few other areas in my life. It's spring time so it's time for 'out with the old and in with the new'. Time for positivity, and most of all, hopefulness for new things....

Ahhhh, now thats off my chest I'm off to beddy-byes... night-night!!


Karen Faulkner said...

Oh, I'm so with you on this. I've been on a huge Spring cleaning binge. I read or heard something once that if you hang onto, as you said so perfectly "a load of old crap that we don't need," we aren't making any space to allow new possibilities to come into our lives. It ties in with my painting philosophy too, in which the open, unpainted space is where the possibilities lie. thanks for sharing your philosophy!

thereddeer said...

I think I need to do this - and I need to make my husband do it as well - he has soooo many clothes!