Sunday, 1 March 2009

Last day of the cake giveaway

Here are some more sweet offerings from sooziebee, some collage cupcakes I did in the studio on Friday. One of them will be making its way to the lucky winner later on today with a selection of other goodies. Results later....

And what better way to celebrate my 300th post giveaway, than by making a cake. This one is gorgeous recipe I found in the Good Food Magazine we used to subscribe to. Its Date, Honey and Walnut, and is a kind-of healthy cake (it has mushed up bananas in it, so must count towards some of your five-a-day!!).
This weekend has been unexpectedly good. We were meant to be off up North this weekend for my sisters (number 3) birthday party, to see the folks, my sister (number 2) who is just back from Italy and my other sister (number 4) and her baby (number 1 nephew), who we haven't seen since Christmas. Unfortunatey we were unable to go as my hubby has been poorly with tonsilitis and chest infection so I have been the 'nurse' this weekend (part of the reason for the cake!!). I'm not sure I would make a very good one (nurse, not cake) but he seems to be feeling a lot better now, which is good!
Instead we have spent the weekend at home (me trying not to feel sorry for myself, as missing the family like mad!), doing nice outside things like walking our dog and doing a little spot of gardening (which has made us both ache!). Spring finally seems to be arriving, the sun has been shining and it seems a little warmer, but it is meant to be getting cold again this week, and the s-word has even been mentioned!!
Will post later with results of the giveaway, thanks for all the comments you have posted, I'm amazed at the response!

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