Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mini Summer

No, really we DID have a mini-summer. We found it in Norfolk, and the sun shone and it was warm(ish) and we had ice-cream and everything! And then two days later we got caught in a snow storm on the way to the pub and nearly got blown away in the wind, and I didn't bother taking any pics of that! I didn't ever really believe Crowded House when they said you can have four seasons in one day, but now i do.
Had a lovely break, did lots of walking in the beautiful Norfolk countryside and coastline and even though we couldn't stay in the original cottage we had booked (long story.... leaky broken and condemned boiler, nasty oil smell and no hot water or heating!) luckily we found another and had our holiday there instead! What a start to the holiday... but we were fine.
Glad to be back though, must be getting old when you miss your bed!!
More sooziebee work to show you soon, post-holiday refreshed and raring to go, here's to lots of quality studio time and some good work to do!!

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Karen Faulkner said...

What a lovely place, love the photos. It reminds me of Jametown, Rhode Island here in the States.