Monday, 30 March 2009

Sketch book peek

I have always admired 'bird' work by other artists but didn't ever think that I would ever want to draw one myself! After a session with the chickens on the farm I seem to have changed my mind and can't stop doodling the little blighters! All shapes and sizes, they just seem to be coming to life before my eyes. I think this is what they call being inspired by something quite unexpected!

Watch this space for the cards soming soon, and if anyone can think of a fab 'bird related' name for my range you can have your pick of one of the finished cards. I initally thought 'Chic and Cheerful' but then had second thoughts, a bit too twee and obvious.... really, any ideas would be gratefully received from you creative bloggers out there!


Karen Faulkner said...

let me give this some thought...

kitty stitch said...

love these drawings. what about tweetie pie!?

jennyflower said...

Hen, from my pen
fancy bantams
Chicken lickin good
Little Fred Hen
Fair means and fowl

Hmmm, shall I stop now?