Thursday, 30 April 2009


After reading your lovely words and comments about my birdy doodles I have been working on some pictures in my sketch book. I am hoping to post them either in the Etsy shop or on Folksy. In doing them I have satisfied my cravings of picking up a pen or pencil and drawing again, getting it down on paper rather than fiddling about with the computer, and its been gooood!
This weekend its Bank Holiday again, so I have five days off work, yeyyyyy!! I spent the day packing up some of my work, which is on its way up to a craft fair in Carlisle with Lucy, a Nottingham Craft Mafia member, who has kindly offered to put it on her stand. Fingers crossed she has lots of customers and it's a success.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Birdy doodles

Nothing better to clear your mind and wind down after a busy weekend than by doodling away on a Sunday night. Everything just seems soooo busy at the moment (not complaining, busy in a good way!!) so it was nice to have an hour of me, my black pen and a couple of blank pages last night.
This week I have two blissful days in the studio and then a long bank holiday weekend, for which we haven't much planned. I think gardening will be featuring high on our list of things to do. We have been so lucky this year as our neighbour has let us use the top of her garden as a veg patch. Our own garden is quite small and there isn't much room to grow many veggies so this has come as a godsend. Hopefully a few more of our carrots and beetroot will sprout soon, I'm beginning to wonder whether we are watching them too much, or even whether I actually planted them at all! Pics to follow if they ever do grow!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

London sun

See this blue sky? Well, thats what the sky looked like the whole time we were in London. I went for a couple of days with the girls from work and we had a fab time, sightseeing, watching a show and mooching a round the shops. Ahhh, lovely.

While we were there we found a cute little shop near Covent Garden that was jam-packed full of stationery, cards, books, toys, etc (all Japanese-Korean style) and I saw this little year book (for the bargain price of £1.80) and just had to buy it. I love this style of watercolour and the illustrations in it are just wonderful. You can find it on artbox which is a lovely website but I couldn't read it all, as it seems to be in Korean??? Correct me if I am wrong.... I'm hoping to use it to plan my sooziebee year and write down some goals in the hope I will be spending some more time than usual in the studio over the next few months.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope it is a sunny as mine

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Love it when a plan comes together

I know.... three whole posts in a day. But had to post these today as tomorrow I will be away. Here are some new card designs, I think I am going to call the ones with the speech bubbles 'a little bird told me'

Wow, I'm tired now though, it's been a full day. Didn't really get to put pen to paper much, but sometimes it just goes like that. Anyway, have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the spring sunshine!

Looking closer

Here are some of my morning walk pictures. I found a new setting on the camera which I haven't used before and I got some really up-close pics of whats left of the spring daffs and the gorgeous blossom.
The spring sunshine is beautiful, it really wakes you up and makes you feel alive. So there is part one of the todays little plan done and dusted, now I'm off to the studio to do some creative stuff. And then at some point today I have to pack for my trip to London with the girls from work. Now that will be good, this time tomorrow we will be on the train!! Only one sleep to go...

I got me a plan Stan

After some constuctive comments from you lovely bloggers I went a made a plan. I'm off out with the camera and the dog for walk in the spring sunshine for a little inspiration. See you when I get back :-)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


is what I used to call them when I was a wee girl..... and here are some I made earlier. Don't know what they are going to be when they grow up as I'm a bit short of inspiration at the moment if you hadn't guessed, hence lack of blog posts of late.
So, what I need from you my friends in blog-land is a creativity kick-start ready for my day off on Thursday. Ideas, methods, things to do to get the old brain cells into gear please!!
I'm a bit frustrated as I just don't seem to be spending as much time as I would like to creating new work. I know that as designers/artists/whatever you want to call us, we put ourselves under immense pressure to perform, (which is what I think I am doing at the mo), and which is, in itself, counter-productive! Life just does take up all of your time sometimes, and that is just the way it is, BUT I do find that when I know I want to be in my studio working, I just seem to be finding a zillion other things to do. I'm sure I have posted on this topic before, and you came to my rescue, with ideas such as time-plans etc, which were very helpful. Maybe instead of having a moan on here, I should just go back and read my old post, and then make a little plan for Thursday!!
Wish me luck.... x

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Ta-dah!!! Drum roll, gasps from the audience.... all of these pictures have been sitting around in my studio cupboard, or in sketchbooks, for ages, just waiting for a rainy day like today. This morning/afternoon after a bit too much procrastination on my behalf, I finally got my derriere into gear and did something productive!
This is all being taken down to the Craft Mafia shop tomorrow. I'm having a stock revamp, and removing the stock which hasn't sold and bringing it home. I did think this morning about putting it all of my new stuff onto Etsy and seeing whether it sells on there, but i just don't fancy the prospect of the mammoth task of listing 20 new entries. Am i just being lazy?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Baby boy bird card

New card available in my Etsy shop right now (order one now and you can have a free card of your choice, just tell me which one in your order)

Monday, 13 April 2009

tagged... 7 things i love

I nearly forgot but I have been tagged by Karen Faulkner quite a while ago about 7 things I like.... trying hard to rack my brains and narrow it down to seven things, (husband, family and dog are foregone conclusions so I won't mention them here!!) but here goes...

1. a lie-in bed on a weekend with a cup of tea and bacon sarnie

2. crisp clear and frosty winter mornings, walking my dog, all wrapped up warm with hat, scarf and gloves

3 spending time in my studio with the radio on

4 getting my hands dirty in the garden

5 poppies

6 gravy, yes i know it isn' t very sophisticated but my sunday lunch has to swimming in the stuff

7 a rainy day (the kind where it rains all day and you know you are not even going to venture outside!), a fire, my fleece blanket and a good book....

I'm going to be lazy and not tag anyone else, hope you don't mind.... but if there are any volunteers out there consider yourself tagged and tell us all....

Monday, 6 April 2009

Baby girl Greetings Card

For sale in my Etsy shop right now!!

Harrogate British Craft Trade Fair

WOWSER, the fair was fantastic. My sister got lots of contacts for her business and I just wandered around thinking OMG, some of this stuff is amazing!! Don't think I will ever have the guts to do the show myself, as I was so in awe of the amazing designers who were exhibiting there.

Some to check out Helaina Sharpleys fantastic wirework pieces, like nothing I have ever seen before. Her work was just lovely, like 3D line drawings but made of wire. Hollie Browns artwork and prints, once again fantastic. A local lady whose work I have seen and admired before, Janie Withers, who has a lovely selection of embroidered textiles. The gorgeous pictures and prints by Amanda Ross, which are stunning and I jus waned to buy them all. I could go on and on. Unfortunatley I haven't added any images as I thought it a bit naughty to just stick them straight on my blog, but check out their websites. We chatted to lots of loevly people who were very friendly and it was, all in all, a very good day out.

As for me, I had a motivational pep talk from my sister about my work, and I was very encouraged to see work similar to mine, which was obviously selling well, which shows that given the right platform I could make a go of this in the real world! There was quite a bit of stitched work too, so I just need to knuckle down this year and focus on my 'ranges' of products and get out there and make it happen.


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Off to Harrogate

for a day out with my sister and to see whether the British Craft Trade Fair will be a good place to hawk my wares next year!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Another days hard graft!

Here are the fruits of my labours for today, a series of......... yes, you guessed it....... bird collages! Two of which are currently adorning the walls of my studio. I don't know what it is, maybe its because spring is most definitely in the air and the birds are all singing their little cotton socks off (yes, they do wear socks around here, only cotton ones though!), but I just can't stop myself. I think the simplicity of the shapes I have chosen work so well with these textured papers, I just had to try.. I will be trying to wean myself off birds soon, well maybe I'll wait 'til after Easter.

Tweeting birds

This is just typical me, I start a new project, get all immersed in it, set myself a mini-brief like we used to do at college and then explore it until I am sick of the sight of it. Yesterday I spent the day 'exploring' alternative media, collage, paint, felt-tip, crayon, you name it I tried it. And did make a few new discoveries. But I am now in danger of 'bird' overload..... so maybe I need to go for a walk with my dog and stop thinking about Photoshop and birds and things.... after all it is nearly the weekend.
And this weekend as well as having all of Steves family round for lunch tomorrow I'm off out for a day with one of my sisters on Sunday to go and see the Britsh Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. My sis is sourcing new goodies for a shop she has just designed and I am going to see whether this may be a contender for my 2010 'must-do' list. There will be about 500 British designer/makers exhibiting their goods. It should be very interesting....

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tweet and Innocent

Thats the range of birdy cards, it came to me today in a flash of 'inspiration'!! And here are a few of the draft versions of cards I am working on. I have had a really productive day in the studio, the first time for ages I have spent a whole day in there with nothing else to do. Will be posting more tomorrow. ER is starting very soon, and as its the last series I don't want to miss it. Bye for now x