Thursday, 16 April 2009


Ta-dah!!! Drum roll, gasps from the audience.... all of these pictures have been sitting around in my studio cupboard, or in sketchbooks, for ages, just waiting for a rainy day like today. This morning/afternoon after a bit too much procrastination on my behalf, I finally got my derriere into gear and did something productive!
This is all being taken down to the Craft Mafia shop tomorrow. I'm having a stock revamp, and removing the stock which hasn't sold and bringing it home. I did think this morning about putting it all of my new stuff onto Etsy and seeing whether it sells on there, but i just don't fancy the prospect of the mammoth task of listing 20 new entries. Am i just being lazy?

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Karen Faulkner said...

Don't you love the satisfaction of getting a painting into a frame and on the wall?
Yes, you're being a little lazy, get that new stuff on Etsy :-)