Friday, 3 April 2009

Tweeting birds

This is just typical me, I start a new project, get all immersed in it, set myself a mini-brief like we used to do at college and then explore it until I am sick of the sight of it. Yesterday I spent the day 'exploring' alternative media, collage, paint, felt-tip, crayon, you name it I tried it. And did make a few new discoveries. But I am now in danger of 'bird' overload..... so maybe I need to go for a walk with my dog and stop thinking about Photoshop and birds and things.... after all it is nearly the weekend.
And this weekend as well as having all of Steves family round for lunch tomorrow I'm off out for a day with one of my sisters on Sunday to go and see the Britsh Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. My sis is sourcing new goodies for a shop she has just designed and I am going to see whether this may be a contender for my 2010 'must-do' list. There will be about 500 British designer/makers exhibiting their goods. It should be very interesting....

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