Sunday, 31 May 2009

All Raspberry

At lunchtime today I was browsing the web after hanging out the washing in the glorious sunshine and I had decided I needed a new peg bag. Supporting 'handmade' as only a true maker can, I browsed Etsy and Folksy in my quest to find the perfect one. See above my delightful purchase from Raspberry. Alice, from Raspberry, makes a gorgeous line of textile goods, and I have been hanging my nose over the bags for ages. Check out her blog here and her etsy shop here

So in honour of my new peg bag and a fab shop and blog by a very talented textile lady, I present to you, my newest illustration in my bird range....... drum roll......'Raspberry Retreat'. For sale soon (ie when/if the sun goes in and I have done my chores (ironing, cooking and online grocery shop!).


raspberry said...

Thank you for featuring me :)

I love your illustration, it is really lovely, and very cool to have been an inspiration for the colour :)

Bluebell said...


Poirier Family said...

Love the new peg bag!! What a great idea.