Sunday, 10 May 2009

help me spread the word.... pretty please

More new ideas for the bird range you have been seeing for the past couple of weeks! I haven't sold a jot on Etsy yet but have put in a few submissions to some of the fab style blogs I read, you never know.... fingers crossed for a bit of publicity. I have one favour to ask you bloggers out there, I need your help!! Would anyone mind giving my new range a cheeky mention or two? I need to spread the word and was hoping you could help (fingers crossed hopefully once again!!) In return I will obviously link back to you for your support and do a return feature on here....
As for me, a perfect weekend so far, with oak leaf wine bubbling away in the spare bedroom (not convinced that this is going to be drinkable in 6 months time, but reviews of our recipe have been good). We have also been getting our hands dirty in the garden, replanting some very suspect 'rows' of beetroot and carrots (original rows planted by me, and if you didn't know better you would think I had had few glasses of vintage oak leaf before I did them!). Also my little baby courgettes (grown with love from seed) have made it out into the big boys bed next to the potatoes. All very exciting..... can't wait to eat them! Sod the glitzy city life, nights out and dancing til dawn, its all home sweet home for this gal!! And I'm LOVING it!

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