Saturday, 2 May 2009

no. 4

Apologies for the quality of the photos! I will crack this photo lark sometime I promise, maybe I need to build a light box then I won't have to wait til the sun comes out, something which one does not want to hold ones breath for in this country!

Ok, the plan for the birdies.... a series of about 20 originals and prints, (I have done about 7 so far, this one above is number 4), maybe a little online survey to see which people like the best and then get some framed and photographed and put on sale in one of my shops and maybe try to get a little web publicity. Reading a few of my pattern reference source books has been really useful for new ideas. I love getting immersed in a new idea and feeling all enthused about something new. I guess some would say I have been well and truly inspired...

Any marketing suggestions or links for blogs, feel free to let me know, I know I can rely on you lot for some help.

Enjoy your weekend

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