Monday, 4 May 2009

who lives in a house like this?

Every time I hear that expression I always think of Loyd Grossman in 'Through the keyhole', 90s day time telly, what a blast from the past.... Anyway, I digress.... I'm working on some bird houses to go with my series of ink drawings. Still throughly enjoying them, the novelty hasn't worn off quite yet. And today looks like it is going to be a good one for sketching. It's Bank Holiday Monday, and the wall to wall sunshine we were promised by our BBC weathermen has disappeared, replaced by grey clouds and rain.
Never mind, plenty of nice things to do indoors. We made some rhubarb and ginger wine yesterday so we have that to strain off and put into demi-johns. Yes, I know I sound like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't really. I just did the chopping of the rhubarb and putting it in the pan. Steve is in charge of the master plan, I'm just the cheap labour!! But I'm sure I will be helping sample the goods in 6 months time....


Jesse said...

Wonderful! I've missed a whole lot of stuff on your blog, catching up now. These are great! The patterns, the intricate spaces, contrasting with open spaces... Good luck, a series is a good idea, but a lot of work :)

Oh, and I like black and white, but I'd be curious to see some colour too.

Corey said...

I love the work. It is lighthearted and whimsical. Thanks for sharing it with the world!