Saturday, 27 June 2009

Debbie Bryan

Today, while out shopping in Nottingham, I had the chance to meet a lovely lady, Debbie Bryan, a designer/maker who has just opened up her own shop in a beautiful Edwardian (i think!) building in the Lace Market area of the city. She has collaborated with a group of carefully selected extremely talented local artists/designers and the end result is breathtaking, a beautifully designed and well thought out space, which comprises the shop area, selling Debbie Bryan studio collections; fashion accessories & haberdashery and the very best in craft, fashion homeware & design, and also a studio at the back, where she will be holding a series of workshops.

I for one, will def be going back to take some photos to show you all and hopefully will be attending the taster workshop in a couple of weeks time. I was also flattered to find out that she had seen some of my work too and had even bought some of my stitched cards. What a turn up for the books eh?

SO check out her website and find out what she gets up to and have a look at her work.

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