Sunday, 7 June 2009

Home Tweet Home II

After spending a fab weekend in my own home tweet home I thought I would share the latest addition to my bird range with you.

Today I did venture out in the rain and got completely soaking wet through, yes, even down to the undies and socks, it was raining that heavily. This afternoon I was going to venture out to a local craft and art fair, but I can't face the thought of getting all wet again so I have been a complete lazy coach-potato and have watched a film (Seven Pounds with Will Smith, he was in the film, unfortuntely not on the sofa with me, to wipe away my tears, blimey its a weepy one!), joined twitter, browsed the blog list and am now settling down with a nice cup of rosie lee, and the sketchbook. I keep thinking maybe I should do something more... how should I put it.... productive and energetic..... but hey I NEVER get the house to myself for a whole weekend, so I am going to enjoy it... guilt free!!

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