Saturday, 4 July 2009

And where did that week go?

I know, I can't believe it either, it's been nearly a week since my last post, and I don't know where the time has gone. It's been really hot too, so it has been warm enough to sit out and eat on an evening, and it seems I have had something to occupy me most nights this week, so it just seems that it has flown.
I was going to do a massive blurb about feeling too busy, over stretching yourself and making too many commitments, but I have just deleted it. Its too annoying to even write, never mind read, so I won't subject you to that today! I think I have just had too much going on in my head this week and feel like I need to get it out!! (Sue, shut up, you are doing it again!!) (that was the voice in my head in case you were wondering!!!)
Instead I will show you my new picture (as yet nameless, I'm thinking of calling it either 'Identity' or 'I am where I'm from' (deep or what??). Its on a bigger format than I usually do (A3) as I had a chat with someone last week who suggested working bigger.... so here you go, i've gone bigger!! Something I wouldn't have thought about, but maybe in this case bigger might be better!! Who knows? I'll tell you what though, bigger takes a lot longer, my right hand is aching now. (ooh, does that sound rude, it wasn't meant to!)


Karen Faulkner said...

Wow, you have more patience than me to do all of that detail in the leaves! Very nice.

Bluebell said...

Thanks for the book recs. I've read The House at Riverton and Blackberry Wine and loved them both. Will look for the other two -thanks x