Monday, 17 August 2009

american houses revisited

here are my houses again, this time reworked in the style of the birdy illustrations, with a thicker outline, which i think looks a bit better as they are more solid looking and a bit chunkier. I have been thinking of ways to colour them, non-digitally, and tried out watercolour, as you can see, but it hasn't quite worked out the way I had planned. The colour seems a bit too wishy-washy and not really bright enough. Digital may be the only way forward here! Any ideas??
As for the next project, I have been having a think, and also a chat with my lil sis (who I can always rely on for some inspiration), and I have narrowed it down to (1) local landmarks and architecture (i see some nice days out with the sketchbook) or (2) fruit and vegetables (this being an ideal time of year for apples, pears, plums and also an array of garden veg). I'm not sure what I actually want to produce, but am hoping i can come up with something sellable, whether it be a series of limited edition prints or some cards, or maybe even some original illustrations for the kitchen (or some screen-printed tea-towels??) Or maybe i shouldn't be thinking too hard about an end product and just enjoy starting a new project and doing some thorough research.

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