Sunday, 9 August 2009

do all chapters have to end?

They say that a change is as good as a rest, or somthing like that. I have been thinking of starting up something new, getting into a new project, sometime soon, as I have been on the bird theme for quite a while now, and even though I have had some success with my sales I'm wondering whether it is time to move on to pastures new.
So I was flicking through some of my old sketchbooks last night, and came across the American Houses series I did last year after my hols to New England, and I started doodling ideas, and reworking old ones. And this made me think it would be nice to work on them again with a fresh perspective, as I can now see where they need improving, and where I can make them better (which I definitely couldn't see at the time when I originally worked on them).
So this got me thinking about the bigger picture, of going back to something to rework/change/improve it. Does everyone do this, or do they resign old ideas to the scrap heap, never to be seen again, and come up with something new for each project, or do you like to delve into sketchbooks past to help get your creative juies flowing again?? Would love to hear...

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Ruth O'Leary said...

Older ideas and designs are always there, at the back of your mind, and came back to you when you need them. By that time, you'll have moved on, and will see them with a fresh eye, spotting things you can do with them that you never noticed before.

I think that if you force it, and try and make an old design into something new, it won't work, but by coming back to something naturally when the time is right, you can find something that's the best of old and new.