Monday, 10 August 2009

the studio, on year on

I can't believe my studio has been finished a year now! I was starting to worry that I would have to be singing happy 1st birthday to the blank, pictureless walls, but today we finally put up some pictures, (not as many as I wanted due to lack of nails, but hey, it's a start). I wanted a hap-hazard kind of jumble of lots of shapes and sizes of frames and pics, but as you can see my tap-measure-wielding, symmetry-obsessed husband influenced proceedings somewhat. Never mind, when he gets some more nails, I'm stealing the hammer and am going to make a few additions to the wallspace myself!!!


Gillian said...

Happy 1st birthday to the Soozio! It looks much too comfortable to work in.
Another one here who's always changing, moving on, or revisiting old works. I think it's healthy and it keeps things fresh. That's my excuse anyway. ^_~
One idea for your walls that you may not have considered - how about a picture shelf? Like a plate shelf with a groove, for standing framed pictures on. You can then move them and change them whenever you like - and no nail holes!
See you soon. x

littlemithi said...

Happy studio-versary!

Haven't been here in a while as life and wedding took over ... looks like you're doing REAL well ... ;)