Sunday, 13 September 2009

AWOL - Sue's creative mojo

I have been a naughty blogger! Have been away on another holiday (Spain this time, to dog-sit for my friends three lovely doglets!) and have neglected my little old blog once again. I have had a lovely eleven days in southern Spain, full of sun and sangria, and am back now to take on the Great British Autumn. We even had a holiday from our holiday and when my friends got back from thier sojourn, we bogged off in our hire-car and went off to Costa de la Luz, which is a beautiful, unspoilt area of the Spanish coastline, for a couple of days. It's been grrreat, really relaxing, am still virtually horizontal!!

So, thats the reason my blog posts have been non-existent for the past couple of weeks. Before I went away I did get some of my work framed, ready for action, for my first 'stockist' in Nottingham. You can't really see the details but you get the general idea. I didn't want to risk unwrapping them, as, knowing me, I'd trip up out of the car on delivery day, and ruin them!!

And while I was at the framing place, I decided to get another piece framed, and I am just loving
the results (is that really big-headed of me to say??). I did this piece last year, after a winter holiday in Northumberland, inspired as I was by the big-wintry landscapes up there. It was made with wools, and various other fibres and threads, couched and stitched onto the backing. I may have another play with this technique again, and see where it takes me....

Which leads me onto my latest dilemma.... I have hit a bit of a brickwall with my work.... i've lost my creative mojo, so-to-speak... and I'm just waiting to be struck by new inspiration. I really feel like I need to get on with making some new work, but just haven't a flipping clue what to do. Maybe I'm just taking myself too seriously, trying too hard, and thinking of the end product before I even start a new project. Maybe I just need a good talking to by my sis, or just a plain old kick up the derriere, who knows..... what does everyone else do when inspiration doesn't strike.... top tips welcome (that's if anyone else still reads this!!)


Petal Textiles said...

glad you had a lovely holiday!

Sorry to hear your not feeling very creative. Its so hard when when you hit a difficult patch. I try and just make something fun, and maybe something I have been meaning to make for myself for a while and sometimes this starts some new ideas. The other thing I do is try a new technique, again just for a bit of fun. I agree it can all become at bit serious at times.

I am very sure it will return soon and you will be producing some more wonderful new work.

Karen Faulkner said...

The trip to Spain sounds fabulous! When I need a creative jumpstart, I try something different and new. This month I'm trying the pottery wheel, beginning a sketching class and making a dried flower wreath. In November I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month. How I will have time for all this and still manage to paint new watercolors for my shop, I have no idea!!