Saturday, 19 September 2009

prepared pages

This is where you will find me today, working hard in my lovely warm studio. I have the whole day to spend on my work, a rare luxury these days, as it just seems I haven't had the time to draw, sketch, or make any new work for ages. So I'm revelling in it this morning and enjoyng every minute. I'm home alone, Steve is off making cider!!

Last night I got the chance to prepare some sketchbook pages. Since college I have always been drawn to layering and sticking and painting pages to make them a bit more interesting and inspiring than a plain white page. I've been using some recycled old papers I bought in a pack from Etsy, pages from old music books and odds and end I have in my huge paper box.

I also like painting my pages, and leaving them to dry before drawing on top of them. This one is an old tester tube of paint, which I just splodged onto the page, spreading it out roughly with the thixk paint brush. It's given me a lovely texture to draw onto, and the ink looks surprisingly clean. I also used some white gesso, which takes a while to dry but gives a more textured effect.

And here are the results. I've drawn from the photos and sketches I made in Newark the other day, and I think the old buildings look great on the antiquey-brownish faded papers.

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