Monday, 26 October 2009


This is one of my collages produced recently as part of a series of three for sale in the Pop-Up shop in West Bridgford. I used some gorgeous leaves I had collected last year and used a gel medium to adhere them to the page and used some acrylics, mixed shades of umber, to colour the background. None of the photos really do it justice, but here's the best of the bunch.

And thanks to all the helpful folk on the folksy forum who have helped me to decide on my Christmas Card designs, the pudding and the angel are the casualties!!

Ooh, and one more thing, my workspace has been featured on the Nottingham Craft Mafia Blog, thanks to Helen from Petal Textiles for the post!!

Oh, and another thing, but not as nice, infact quite horrible, our new dog, Pip, bit my godson yesterday, so we have decided we cannot keep her. She is going to a new home, by the sea, with no children and another dog as company (thanks to my Auntie). We are both very sad to see her go, as we were really starting to get used to her, and starting to really fall for her! But we have to do the right thing for us, hard as it is.

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Gillian said...

That's beautiful. I'm a sucker for anything with leaves and Autumnal colours.
Sad news about your dog - very brave of you to take what must be the right decision in spite of your heart. x