Sunday, 4 October 2009

birthday and anniversary celebrations

And whoever said the age of romance was dead? I just got whisked away for a romantic couple of days to The Drunken Duck Hotel near Ambleside in Cumbria. It has been amazing, and I'm just very lucky to have such a lovely fella, how he put up with me for 16years (10 married) I do not know. I think he deserves a medal!!

This one I just had to share with you, a beautiful scuplture at Grizedale Forest, unfortunately though it was too wet to go in search of the rest of them, we ended up back at our hotel, reading the papers over a pint or two of cider, and then finished the day off with a meal for two washed down with a bottle of champers courtesy of the folks back home.

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Petal Textiles said...

Ooh you lucky thing, we went for dinner at the drunken duck a couple of years ago and it was wonderful, ooh the bread was gorgeous. Happy anniversary.