Sunday, 11 October 2009

Good weekend

After kissing my bird range goodbye yesterday I spent the afternoon getting some new work framed and ready. I have had a bit of a shuffle around, as some of the work I had in the Craft Mafia shop has been there a long time and hasn't sold. I have often wondered whether I should just get rid of the old work or whether to hang onto it, has it not sold because it won't ever sell, or is it just because the right person didn't some along?? Who knows.... what does everyone else do with older stock??

Instead of spending the afternoon wondering what to do, I decided to mount up some new work and have put the older stuff away for a while, until I make my mind up what to do with it.

Apart from that, its been a quiet weekend, just what we needed I think, as the last three weekends (even though they have been full of lovely things) have been manic, so it's been nice to be at home.

Oh, and another cute dog picture, Pip has been a little madam this weekend, she ran off yesterday, completely out of sight, threw us a complete deaf one, and took zero notice of our frantic calls!! I think she knew she was in the bad books, a feel a battle of wills developing here... watch this space....

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