Tuesday, 13 October 2009

guess what we just got?

About three weeks ago I was having a wee think to myself about the whole state of affairs re: our camping exploits over the past few years. We bought ourselves a lovely tent but, due to the good old disappointing English weather, we haven't used it half as much as we wanted to, it was either too wet or too cold. This got me thinking about a.... dare I say it.... caravan!

Having had loads of enjoyble family camping holidays as a child I did love it, but over the last few years I have been suffering from 'camping snobbery' and had let myself believe that tents were 'cool' and caravans were most definitely not! Having been 'put right' by one of my friends at work, I finally succumbed to the idea that maybe it would be a nice idea, we would have all the benefits of camping, but have the comfort of being warm, dry and knowing our bed wasn't likely to deflate half way through the night.

When I first mentioned my 'eureka' moment to my hubby, he thought I was joking, but I soon changed his mind, and he became even more 'into' the idea than me.... fast foward two weeks later and we are going to pick up our 'new' van on sunday and are really excited!!! This means we will get away loads more, aren't so dependent on the weather and we can be warm and toasty at night (and don't have to trudge across a field to go to the loo in the dark!!) I know this decision will gain a few raised eyebrows and sniggers amongst our die-hard tent friends, but I just can't wait!!!

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stephanie levy said...

Hey, that sounds exciting - lots of fun ahead I'm sure :)

I've been busy working on a new sketchbook this week and I hope to have some pics to share with you soon!