Tuesday, 24 November 2009

love stuff

The start of my new mini series, 'love stuff', i know birds, teacups and flowers aren't really related but they are things i have been able to put into a similar layout in a similar style and will hopefully develop into coloured prints for my shops.
I'm thinking (well... hoping) that maybe they will start me off in a new direction for the New Year. I need to get some new ideas and completely new ways of working, and am feeling like I'm getting into a bit of a rut with my work (sorry for whining again). I think I need a couple of days out and about looking at stuff and getting into filling a sketchbook in a day or two and taking new material to draw with. Maybe I will even ban myself from black ink for a while, it may do me some good to push the boundaries a bit and stretch myself? Hmmm, watch this space...

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Gillian said...

These look great. I think anything works if it kick-starts a new direction and gives you the impetus to get out of a rut. A new pen or different media can really work. Go for it!