Wednesday, 18 November 2009

reworking ideas again

and revisiting some old sketchbooks yesterday, I came across some sketches of teapots and thought I would try out a new layout. Not so sure whether this will sell but it was just good to get the pens out again after a few weeks of not much inspiration. I'm trying to get motivated to do some new work (maybe textile based??) but again I'm having problems pinning down my ideas. I always have loads of different things that I want to try out whizzing around the grey matter, but I always seem to struggle with starting a new project and holding my interest and motivation. The last few I have started kind of fizzled out after a week or two, I obviously just weren't meant to be doing them at the time.

After my initial burst of work with the bird series over the summer (which was moderately successful) I am now having a few problems with the direction in which I want to take my work and what I actually want to achieve with my humble business. I'm sure this is something everyone experiences at some point but I seem to have been feeling this way on and off for the past few months. I never seem to have the time to get my teeth into something and spend plenty of time on one thing. I need a goal to aim for and maybe some kind of pressure to kick start my work again. I think this year as I haven't got involved with any Craft Fairs or Xmas Markets I haven't had the pressure of having to finish off a body of work to show. So maybe that is what I need. But getting the balance between the positive effects of pressure and it all becoming too much of a pain in the arse seems a tricky task.


Petal Textiles said...

Hi Sue

Loving the teapots, have you thought about doing a combination of teapots and tea cups. You could event add some cakes, what about afternoon tea as a theme,sorry getting carried now.

Hang in there I am sure you will have some ideas that stick very soon. Just keep trying things and don't be too precious, things are rarely good at first, but can develop into something great.

I am sure once you get going it will be great.

littlemithi said...

MMm.... liking the teapots - but then again I am a BIG fan of kitchenny stuff ...

Do not fret about motivation - it comes and goes ... ebbs and flows... (hahaha ... poetic!). But yes, goals are good.

Over here at PlanetMithi I was happily ticking along as the 'goal' was 'build a decent portfolio of work as you'll be out of uni in no time!' ... but now I am stuck writing dissertations instead ... not being able to act on your motivation is almost as bad as having no motivation in the first place!

keep at it Soozie - you will find direction ...