Tuesday, 17 November 2009

some random stuff

Well, this post is just about a few random things (the clue is in the title!!), as I haven't posted for a while and have a few things to tell you... firstly you can see the new Nottingham Craft Mafia website winter header here, it's the first time I've done anything designy for the website so I'm kinda pleased with how it's turned out.

Secondly, this picture just makes me smile. It's my sisters dog, George, who looks all mean and grizzly, he's the size of a lion and just a big old softy! I've just been over to Italy for a few days to see my preggers sister, very lovely and relaxing time was had. We even went to the beach.

Thirdly, another picture that makes me smile, Mac, our new dog! The best thing that has happened to us (in the canine sense of the word) this year. He's settled in well, is showing his true collie nature and picking things up very quickly... although he suffers from a weak bladder when he's excited... don't stand too close!

And last of all, of my random things today, my new pictures which I have just collected today. I had them for sale in some really cheapo frames, I knew they didn't really do them any justice, so I took them to get them framed professionally and it juts makes a world of difference. Maybe now someone might buy them!!

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